Leta Brassington

I’ve been threatening for quite some time now to start a website that focuses on a natural and simple approach to everyday living. I’ve found that when searching online for inspiration in sustainability, simplifying, or even natural products, it can be very overwhelming and a bit discouraging at times. That is not how it should be!

I’ve been discouraged and overwhelmed at times while searching online for inspiration in sustainability, and natural products.

Now, I have a ridiculous amount of shoes and I don’t have enough cabinet space for my collection of towels; I am far from perfect in the “simple living” category. I don’t have a picture perfect house to put on display, but rather a raw, human approach. And I am hoping having this blog as a focus will push me to be better and live a more simple life.

Especially now more than ever, with a new baby at home, I have found myself diving even deeper into what ingredients are in our foods and what chemicals are in our products & cleaners. Generally, I have found that I enjoy making a lot of these products myself; something that sounds daunting, but can actually be simple and easier than having to fit a store run into our busy schedules. And I will also be the first to admit that sometimes making homemade bread is just not in the cards, and that is okay too. Finding a balance and realizing when to tackle life goals is key (especially when spare time is precious).

Tune in for fun house projects, delicious recipes, waste-free solutions and more.

 Leta Brassington