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Banana Pumpkin French Toast: GF, DF, Egg Free

Banana Pumpkin French Toast

Pregnant momma, allergy dad and 2 year old approved (yes, we are a bit of a circus these days). This receipt is a crowd pleaser and surprisingly easy to make. The best part of this fabulous french toast recipe, is no one will even know it doesn’t have dairy or gluten.

There is truly nothing better than waking up on the weekend, lounging around in your pajamas for a bit of the morning and casually thinking about making breakfast. Eliminating the hustle of a weekday morning and spending the time to relax with with my boys is time I just love soaking in. Whether we are watching the deer graze in the yard, the turkeys cruise through, or just simply talking about our plans for the day, slow mornings are always my favorite. And now, we have this french toast recipe to throw into the mix. It is a little bit of everything fall with the pumpkin added into the mix.

I am typically more of a savory type of gal than sweet, but with a few tweaks to the recipe below (mentioned in the notes section) this french toast recipe can be tamed back in sweetness.

Step 1

Gather your French Toast Ingredients

Here is a basic grocery list, but I am willing to bet that if you are gluten free and dairy free in your house most of the time, you might actually have everything you need to make this delicious breakfast recipe.

  • Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free Bread: I LOVE the Northern Bakehouse bread. They are the only egg free bread I have found to be the most like a “gluten” bread. I use this brand for all of my major recipes (especially the Thanksgiving stuffing I make!)
  • Dairy Free Milk: I use the Califia Almond Milk Creamer in Vanilla flavor for this french toast recipe, but choosing a milk (as opposed to creamer) or a non-flavored creamer will tone back the sweetness if preferred.
  • Vanilla, Cinnamon & Pumpkin Spice
  • Bananas
French Toast Ingredients
French Toast Ingredients

Step 2

Blend Ingredients and Make your Dipping Mixture

Blend your banana, vanilla, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and milk together to make a “smoothie-like” textured mixture. Pour this into a bowl that is big enough to fit your pieces of bread.

French Toast Mixture
Making French Toast

Step 3

Dip Bread and Pan Fry

Dip each piece of bread individually to coat both sides of the bread. This is just like you are using your egg mixture when making french toast normally, except we are using this new thick banana spiced mixture as our replacement.

Once each piece is coated place it in the pan with melted coconut oil, and fry each side until it is crispy all the way through.

Step 4

Top with Fruit, Butter and Syrup

It’s really that easy. Serve on a place and top it with whatever you have in your fridge; butter, syrup, fruit, whip cream, etc.

Tips and Notes

Using a non-stick pan is key to keep things from sticking. Also don’t be stingy with the coconut oil. I globbed it into the pan and let the french toast “fry” in it and it helped avoid any sticking.

Freeze in an air-tight container or bag to maintain freshness and reheat in a toaster oven down the road for a quick and easy on-the-go breakfast.

things to help along the way

SPECIALTY PRODUCTS for Banana pumpkin french toast

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Banana Pumpkin French Toast: GF, DF, Egg Free


  • Half Loaf Northern Bakehouse White Wide Slice Bread
  • 3/4 cup Califia Almond Milk Creamer – Vanilla
    (or any other dairy free milk alternative)
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp Vanilla
  • 1 Tbsp Cinnamon
  • 1 Tbsp Pumpkin spice
  • 3 Ripe Bananas 
  • Coconut Oil (for frying)


  1. In a blender (I love my Vitamix for this), put in all 3 bananas, the 3/4 cup of dairy free milk, cinnamon, pumpkin spice and vanilla. 
  2. Blend until you have created a creamy smooth mixture.  Pour mixture into a bigger bowl that will fit your slice of bread. 
  3. Heat up your non-stick pan with a generous amount of coconut oil. 
  4. Dip each piece of bread so that both sides are covered with your banana pumpkin mixture. I like to set it on top, then flip each piece to make sure it is all the way covered. 
  5. Place into pan and cook each side until you have a nice crisp. 
  6. Serve! Top with fruit, butter, whipped cream, syrup, you name it. 


Using Califia Almond Milk Creamer Vanilla and vanilla extract makes this french toast extra sweet. To reduce the sweetness switch out the creamer for a different dairy free milk alternative. Or, forgo the syrup and stick to fruit on top. I promise you won’t even miss the syrup with this recipe. 

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Banana Pumpkin French Toast (Dairy Free, Gluten Free & Egg Free) recipe
Banana Pumpkin French Toast (Dairy Free, Gluten Free & Egg Free) recipe

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