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Easy Homemade Yogurt

Homemade Yogurt

Yogurt has been quite the controversy in our household because we eat very little dairy and typically are dairy-free. But after reading that a few “dairy products” are actually lower in lactose than others because the live bacteria in them breaks down the lactose, leaving less for your body to process, I decided to make yogurt from scratch (to prevent any other weird ingredients from sneaking in there) to test it out.


After doing some research, I decided to use our Sous Vide machine to keep the yogurt at a steady temperature throughout the entire process. Plus I have been excited to find new and different Sous Vide recipes.

Making yogurt is actually a very easy process and allows you to add whatever flavorings you want at the end (or none at all).

the run down

grocery list and step-by-step instructions

Things Needed to Make Yogurt:
  • Milk (with some fat content) – I used 2%
  • Yogurt (with live bacteria)
  • Sous Vide Machine
  • Glass Mason Jars
Simple Steps to Making Yogurt:
  1. Purchase Yogurt with Live Bacteria
  2. Heat Milk
  3. Cool Milk & Add Yogurt Starter
  4. Divide into Jars
  5. Wait for Yogurt to “Grow”
  6. Set in Fridge Overnight
  7. Flavor (or don’t) and Eat

Step 1

Purchase Yogurt with Live Bacteria

When looking for a yogurt to use as your starter, anything with live cultures is key.
Yogurt Bacteria

Step 2

heat the milk

First, heat your milk slowly until it reaches 180°F (82°C). I poured approximately 6 cups on milk into my pot; which will make 2 mason jars of yogurt. I like to slowly heat the milk to prevent burning the milk. Continuing to stir during this process will also help to prevent your milk from burning and sticking to the bottom of your pot.

Step 3

cool the milk and Add the Yogurt Starter

When your milk reaches 180°F, remove it from the heat. I like to place my pot into an ice bath that I make in a large bowl or casserole dish (something that your pot can sit in comfortably), until your milk cools to 109°F (42°C).

In a new bowl, add 2 teaspoons of your purchased yogurt containing live cultures and pour in approximately half of your milk (okay to guess-timate). Stir well so that your milk and yogurt combine and continue adding in the remaining milk.

Step 4

cool the milk and Add the Yogurt Starter

Yogurt Jars
Pour your milk and yogurt mixture into mason jars. You can use any jars you have lying around. I like to separate into serving sizes so that once the yogurt is done, I can grab one and go; makes mornings fast and easy.
At this time you should also have your sous vide set up ready to go. In a big pot that will fit all of your jars, fill with water and set your sous vide device (mine is from Anova and we LOVE it) to 109°F.

Step 5

wait for the yogurt to grow

Seal your jars and place them into your “sous-vide pot. Make sure the jars are either submerged, or the yogurt part inside is at least completely under the water line.
Let yogurt jars “do their thang” in the sous vide for approximately 5 hours. You can leave these in the water bath for longer than 5 hours; the longer you leave them, the more tart your yogurt will be.
Making Yogurt

Step 6

set in the fridge overnight

After your yogurt has “bathed” for 5 (or more) hours, place them in the fridge to cool and set overnight.

Step 7

flavor and eat

Flavored Yogurt
And the moment you have been working towards: you can eat your homemade yogurt!  Now is also the time you can add fruit, honey, granola, bee pollen, goji berries, you name it. The toppings are endless.  I like to keep my yogurt plain and add toppings as I eat it, but you can also mix in your fruit and set it back in the fridge.
Make sure to leave 2 teaspoons of your yogurt to make your next batch!

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Easy Homemade Yogurt


  • 2 Tbsp: Live culture yogurt
  • 6 cups: Whole or 2% milk
  • Sous vide machine & container
  • Medium sauce pot
  • Thermometer
  • Small to medium jars with lids (mason jars)


  1. Slowly heat milk to 180°. Stir constantly so that milk does not burn to bottom of the pot.
  2. Once you reach 180°, pull milk off the heat and cool to 109°. I like to put the entire pot into a bowl of ice water (an ice bath) to speed this process up. While you are waiting for the milk to cool, set your sous vide to 109°.
  3. Combine your  live culture yogurt with approximately half of your 109° milk. Stir until mixed.
  4. Then add the remaining milk and stir until well mixed.
  5. Pour into mason jars and close.
  6. Put jars into sous vide water container so that they are submerged. Set timer for 5 hours. You can leave the yogurt in for longer than 5 hours, the longer it goes, the more tart it will be.
  7. Once your timer has gone off, take the jars out of the sous vide water and place in the fridge for the yogurt to set.  I typically leave them in the fridge overnight. 
  8. Enjoy!  Mix your yogurt with fruit, granola, and honey for a delicious breakfast or afternoon snack. 


*I’ve even put my yogurt in my ice cream maker for a little fro-yo action on hot summer days.

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Homemade Yogurt
Homemade Yogurt

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