Small Shops for your Weaving Yarn Obsession

The deep world of yarn; something I found easy to become obsessed with very quickly. The perfect craft supply that is not only beautiful to look at, but also soft and fluffy. (And who doesn’t love soft fluffy things?) When getting into weaving yarn, I quickly stocked up on ALL the yarns because choosing material, thickness, and color seemed impossible, so I bought a little bit of everything.

One of my main goals was to support local & small businesses with my yarn obsession. There are probably about 4 million (although I’m still counting) small companies that sell weaving yarn, so staying away from the big box stores is actually very easy.

Below I created a quick list of some of the companies that I find inspiring and have purchased weaving yarn from. Disclaimer: I 1,000% judge companies on their website design (tapping into the designer in me), and you will see that reflected in this weaving yarn list below. So let’s get to the pretty pictures!

  1. Hello Stella Fibres
  2. Fiber Farm
  3. Hedge Hog Fibres
  4. Sincere Sheep
  5. Goat & Shepard Mohair
  6. Madelinetosh
  7. Brooklyn Tweed

Bonus: Jimmy Beans Wool Shop – I don’t know if Jimmy Beans Wool actually makes yarn, but they are a pretty resourceful shop to find a variety of the brands, some of which I listed above.


2nd Disclaimer of this post: There are ZERO affiliate links in this post. I actually care about supporting local and have personally been inspired by these brands. I hope you are too.

Hello Stella Fibres

Hello Stella is one of those brands that I have been following the longest. The girl who runs this company is amazing and she has collaborated with other artists to also offer cute little bags and pins. Always inspired by her creativity. And her speckled yarns are absolutely gorgeous.



Fiber Farm

The story behind this company is life goals to the extreme. Simple farm in Tennessee, just out there doing it. They have a herd of alpacas, a few sheep, two miniature guardian donkeys, you name it. This farm sounds like a dream business, and one that I always feel good supporting. Also, the photography on this website got me; simple and professional.

Hedge Hog Fibres

Okay, HOLY COLORS! Everytime I look at Hedge Hog Fibres, not only do I feel cool and hip, but I can’t help but buy everything. I could be wrong, but I feel like their bright colored skein sets sell out fast, so I usually track them on instagram to see when they are releasing new inventory. Totally worth keeping an eye on this brand.

Sincere Sheep

This one is for my Napa peeps (and because it is a cute name). Based in Napa, Brooke’s primary focus for her weaving yarns is single-source, breed-specific and custom-made yarns and fibers. The name of the ranch, location and breed is identified on the label. Pretty cool to know exactly where the product is coming from. They sell this yarn brand at the local store Atelier here in Truckee.

Goat & Shepard Mohair

Texture. That is really all I have to say about these yarns. Their natural colors and incredible mohair spun yarns create a texture that is to die for. Reading their story page is worth it, they truly care about their goats and provide them with the best home possible. And while you are at it, why not pick up some of the goat milk soap too.


Madelinetosh is a weaving yarn that I see everywhere. I equate their weaving yarns to the black or white spaghetti strap basic that you always have a few of in your closet. They have a ton of color options in a variety of weights. Their speckled options are just fabulous.



Brooklyn Tweed

This website is the ultimate. I mean, come on, did you see the main navigation icons. LOVE!

Real talk though, this company does single batch releases, limited-edition yarns sourced from individual American ranches. And they are absolutely beautiful.



And who knows, maybe one day I will dig the skeins of yarn and natural dyes out of my craft closet and get to work creating some beautiful yarns myself.

What weaving yarn brands and companies do you love? Comment below!

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