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Sun Tea: The Safe Way

Sun Tea

Sun tea truly is as simple as putting a tea bag into water and letting the sun brew it for you. The main risk to be aware of when brewing sun tea is bacteria growth.

Brewing sun tea raises the water to 130°F, which is the temperature at which bacteria in drinking water can grow. In order to kill off bacteria, water needs to be heated to 195°F for 3-5 minutes.

So, for piece of mind, I like to boil my water for 3-5 minutes, let it cool naturally and then pour it into my “sun-brewing” jar. Add my tea bags into the jar and place out in the sun on my deck. Any sugar, flavorings, etc. should not be added until your tea is done brewing, as these are also inhibitors for bacteria growth.

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how long should you brew sun tea?

Sun tea should be placed in the sun for approximately 3-4 hours. Any longer than 3-4 hours and you could be encouraging bacteria growth.

It is recommended that you drink your sun tea the same day, but I always put my tea is the fridge once it is done brewing for later.


Check out the super easy instructions below on how to make your own sun tea.

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Sun Tea: The Safe Way



  1. Boil your water and let cool.
  2. Pour your water into a glass container and put your tea bags in.
  3. Place your tea in a sunny spot and let the sun work it’s magic.
  4. Pour over ice, garnish and enjoy!

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sun tea

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